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Season’s Greetings and Legal Challenges

As the holiday season approaches and employers eye their workloads and business days remaining in the year, many consider asking (or even requiring) some employees to work on a company-designated holiday.

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R.E.A.C.H. June 2010: Property Managers May Collect for Some Unlicensed Work

We have written many times about the impact of a contractor working without a license. But there is a similar law requiring that real estate agents be licensed as well. And while an unlicensed contractor may not collect for any work performed, the rule seems more relaxed with regard to real estate agents and brokers, at least with regard to collecting for property management work.

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R.E.A.C.H. January 2010: Presumed Notice of Title Conditions

The Sixth Appellate District Court recently held that a home purchaser’s receipt of his deed constitutes “actual notice” of the conditions of title to the property even if the buyer does not read the deed. That actual notice starts the statute of limitations for any claims based upon title to the property.

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