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Opinion: 1,166 Pieces Of Evidence And No Due Process

December 15, 2016

Focus on alleged Russian state-sponsored doping in international athletic competitions has distracted attention from the problems of the organization that is supposed to detect doping.  The focus on Russia has also distracted attention from mass bans of athletes without regard to guilt. Read Ron Katz’s article published in Law360  here.

A Presumption In Favor of ‘California’ Employees

Technology workers from Bangalore, software instructors from Arizona and Colorado, truck drivers in San Diego, and cucumber harvesters in Gilroy, California… Cases involving workers as varied as these have helped form a body of wage-and-hour law that all California employers, and out-of-state employers sending employees to work in the state, must understand, say Elizabeth Roth and Barbara Tanzillo of GCA Law Partners LLP.

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Homeowners’ Association Case May Signal Change in Unconscionability Analysis

In a case of first impression, the California Supreme Court ruled that, despite the apparent unconscionability of a developer negotiating an agreement “with itself,” the arbitration provision was nevertheless enforceable in Pinnacle Museum Tower Ass’n v. Pinnacle Market Development, 55 Cal. 4th 223, 282 P.3d 1217, 1221 (2012).

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